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A MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE is a once a month,
inspirational newsletter that you can read
in a couple of minutes.

Drawn from real-life experiences, the stories
move, inspire, and motivate you to experience
life more fully.

The subscription is FREE and I invite you
to forward it to your friends
and business associates.

"Losers visualize the penalties of failure.
Winners visualize the rewards of success" (Ron Gilber)


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"I just finished your book and I want
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"You are so inspirational."

"Thank you for being my angel today." -

"Lynne has great heart and soul. She nails it
as she relates to and connects with her readers"

"We are where we are and
what we are because of
our own thinking." (Unknown)

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the no kidding,
no holds barred,
keys for success.

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