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"If it's difficult it takes time, if impossible, it takes a little longer"


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A motivational and inspirational speaker working with audiences who want to find new ways of creating success - be it conquering adversity, mastering change, or leading effectively,

Lynne is a 30-year veteran of the business world, having worked with large corporate giants such as Cities Service Oil Company, Cargill Incorporated, Perstorp Analytical AB, and OI International. As a former senior level executive, she is an expert in leadership, change, and conquering adversity. In her programs, she focuses on BELIEF SYSTEMS, COURAGE, KNOWLEDGE, and DIRECTION. Her Turning Point Success series, delivered with humor, knowledge, and wisdom, inspires audiences to beat the odds and experience a new level of success.

Lynne draws from her years in international business, her encounter with two near fatal illnesses, and the miracle of having been booked on Pan Am Flight 103 (which blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland) and then making a last minute change in her travel plans to take another flight. As a teenager, Lynne had a rare, life-threatening illness that left her paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair for over two years and then spent 5 years learning to walk again. At the height of her business career, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, which left her with a renewed sense of living her soul purpose.

She has won multiple awards for her expertise in business and marketing, from both foreign and US companies. She was selected from a field of 7,000 senior executives to participate in a two-year international management program conducted by Perstorp AB in Helsinborg, Sweden, International Management Development of Lucerne, Switzerland and Management Center Europe of Brussels, Belgium. She has held the positions of Director of US Marketing and Sales, Director of International Marketing and Sales, and General Manager. Lynne performed a financial turnaround on an eight million dollar company, making them profitable in fourteen months after six consecutive years of losses.

Lynne teaches audiences that the skills used to overcome her major illnesses are the same skills needed to overcome business challenges. Lynne's journey reminds us that, because we have only one chance to live today, every person must rediscover their inner strength with which, through day-to-day struggles, they may have lost touch. By combining her business expertise with her tremendous drive to beat the odds, Lynne inspires and motivates audiences to realize they can achieve more than they ever thought possible.


Whether speaking for business or general audiences, Lynne's humorous and motivational stories, as well as her wisdom, assist individuals and companies in overcoming seemingly impossible odds and moving smoothly around the boulders that appear on the path to success.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT LYNNE: "Lynne has great heart and soul and wisdom." "She nails it." "She is authentic, relating, and connects with the audience." "Lynne is a messenger who has lived her words."

Two-time winner of the National Speaker's Association
(Oregon chapter) showcase
Two-time winner of Perstorp Analytical's
Excellence in Management Award
Four-time winner of Linbrook International's Excellence Award
Graduate of Mark LeBlanc's ACHIEVER's CIRCLE

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Turning Point Success
PO Box 100
Medical Lake, WA 99022
PH: 1-509-299-7454
lynne@turningpointsuccess.com. All contact information is kept
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