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"If it's difficult it takes time, if impossible, it takes a little longer"


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Master Change and Love Transition

Change happens - it can happen in a day, in a week, or in a year.
It can be expected and we plan for it
or it can happen suddenly with no warning.
One thing is certain, we will all be caught up in change.

How do we prepare? How do we cope?
How do we move smoothly through
the process?


In the program ON THE WINGS OF TOMORROW, you will focus on understanding, managing, and moving beyond the process of change. We start with your beliefs about change, and then discuss the seven steps we go through during the process of change. You will learn why and where people get stuck, how to be more flexible, and how to deal with the unexpected.

To successfully move through change, we must modify our behavior. It is critical that we take action that moves us in a forward direction. Too many people and organizations end up going in circles - and do not understand why. Short, interactive, and humorous, exercises will demonstrate 5 principles of conquering change and will tie the new-found knowledge to behavior.

As you uncover solutions to your current challenges created by change, you will launch into action with a new sense of direction.

Lynne, like all of us, has been both the victim of change and, as a corporate General Manager, the creator of change. She knows how to move her clients through this process without creating chaos.

"Let go of how things are or should be.
Nothing remains the same forever and
in our attempt to hold to how they used to be,
we strangle ourselves and do not grow."

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WHY LYNNE? Whether speaking for business or general audiences, Lynne's humorous and motivational stories, as well as her wisdom, assist individuals and companies in overcoming seemingly impossible odds and moving smoothly to powerful solutions. She is the winner of multiple management awards, both US and international and the two time winner of the National Speaker's Association (Oregon Chapter) showcase.

For more information on hiring Lynne to speak or lead your next workshop, contact lynne@turningpointsuccess.com or call 1-509-299-7454.

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