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MOBILIZING PEOPLE TO BE EFFECTIVE LEADERS. Many leaders today are floundering. The old paradigms of leadership are simply not working. They know, that with today’s knowledge based employees; they need to switch from being a controlling authoritarian into being a true leader. Yet they do not know what to do to make the switch. They do not know where they fit on the continuum of the 5 levels of leadership hierarchy and they do not know how to measure success in the shift from being a problem solver to someone who effectively utilizes the intellectual capitol of their organization.

In this program, emphasis is placed on behavior. Interactive exercises show attendees how to tie their knowledge of leadership to their actual behavior as leaders They will also learn the seven rules for leadership success and how to apply them to their current situation.

This program is very powerful and attendees come away with a clear understanding of their leadership style, what changes need to be made, and what their strengths are as a leader.


Businesses can no longer ignore the leadership talent of women. Leaders, whether male or female, must align employees to a vision and must honor individuals for their talents, skills, and their soul.

Simply put, according to Tom Peters in his book "Re-Imagine! - Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age", there is a set of attributes, more commonly found in women, that match the requirements of the new world. The organizational needs of the new enterprise are increasingly consonant with the female side of the "male-female divide". - building relationships, improvisation, and intuition, to name a few.

Through the information presented and, short, interactive and humorous, exercises, you will learn how women can take advantage of their extraordinary leadership strengths to break through the glass ceiling. During this century, you can set a new leadership paradigm with your skills and natural talent

People may not remember what you say, and they may not remember what you do, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

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WHY LYNNE? Lynne Massie understands leadership. From being the Director of International Sales leading a sales force in 30 countries, to being a General Manager leading a group of employees through a financial turnaround. She has won multiple awards for her expertise in management from both foreign and US companies.

· Two-time winner of the National Speaker's Assc. Oregon showcase
· Two-time winner of Perstorp Analytical's Excellence in Management award
· Four-time winner of Linbrook International's Excellence Award

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