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November 29, 2005

Motivational Minute is back!

Motivational Minute is back! I want to thank all of you who wrote asking why you weren’t receiving it. It did my heart good to know that so many of you looked forward to each issue and I apologize for letting you down. This has been a difficult year for us, starting with my husband losing his job and our subsequently having to sell our beautiful home. How easy it was to write motivating newsletters when everything was going right. And how difficult it was when life seemed to be going so wrong. Many times I sat down to write, only to find myself staring at a blank screen and asking myself, “What happens when the motivator need motivating?”

Was my advice only good for other people? Were my words of wisdom really true? Did I believe what I told my audiences? How could I bring myself to write something motivating when, I was not sure I believed my own words. Better to say nothing at all then to deceive my readers.

I began thinking about my message to others. What is the first thing I tell my audiences? You are not alone. You have an angel who will give you courage when you cannot give it to yourself. I have learned our angels come in a variety of sizes and shapes and appear suddenly from nowhere. They are often the least likely suspects. My angel is a 17 year old with orange spiked hair, holes in her jeans, and earrings in every opening on her face. I bumped into her at the grocery store when I had cancer and her smiling face has been a source of courage ever since. When I was at my lowest point, I imagined her smiling face and suddenly realized that the pain of this year was not about what was happening on the outside, it was on the inside – the struggle between the ego and the soul. My angel reminded me that, even though we have torn jeans and goofy hair, our soul can laugh and rejoice. My friend and fellow author, Jody Stevenson, tells us the soul will always choose courage. She is right.

The second thing I tell my audiences is to create a vision that is stronger than their fears. Hmmm- do I have a vision that is positive and taking us someplace, or is my vision full of fear and failure? A vision that sees what is NOT, rather than what is or can be? Every night as I climbed into bed, I set a vision of success – a vision of a new home, a vision of employment, a vision of “making it” past this difficult time. I remembered the story of my dog Snookers who refused to be confined in our fenced yard. No matter how many training sessions we had, never mind the electric fence, nothing, absolutely nothing, deterred this dog from escaping the yard and running down the street. Sometimes it took her a month or two to figure out how to defeat our latest effort, but her strong will and vision always prevailed. Could our will prevail? Did we have the courage to leap the fence and strike out in a new town, in a new home, in a new job? Or were we going to let ourselves be confined by our fears? No. Snookers had it right – if we keep the vision in front of us, the obstacles fall away.

And, above all else, I tell my audiences to remember to laugh. “Laugh? Now? You have to be kidding was the voice in my head.” Yet, I made it a point to find humor every day. When I looked, it was always there – a humorous situation while driving or, more importantly, in my own behavior. I thought of one of my recorded phone messages, “He (or she) who laughs, lasts.” When I could not find something to laugh at on a particular day, I thought back to more humorous times in my life. For example, a day, following my year of breast cancer, when my family and I went to the water slides and, after shooting down a very steep slide, I careened into the pool at the end of the slide. While my family watched from the sidelines, their eyes got wide with horror as this beige, rubbery object came catapulting out of my bathing suit. Floating on the surface of the water was my breast prosthesis. The 14-year-old kid, whose job it was to help the people get out of the water, slide his hand under the rubber breast and moved it toward me, “Ma’am is this yours?” My kids, husband and I could hardly get our breath as we doubled over with laughter. Ah, yes, blessed are those of us who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused!”

What has this year been like for you? Have your ego and your soul had a battle? Who won? I hope it was your soul. I know mine has. My ego did not want to write the Motivational Minute ever again for it meant admitting a form of failure. Yet my soul knew it had to reach out and let you know that we can choose courage, that we can admit to feelings of failure, and more importantly that we can move to a peaceful outcome by finding our angels, by creating a strong vision, and by remembering to laugh.

Perhaps I needed this wake up call –perhaps God was saying, “Lynne you need another lesson here. Maybe, just maybe, the old ego has pushed the soul aside.” Jody, in Doorway to your Destiny, says “Life is a continuing unfoldment of opportunities to grow, expand, love and be loved. Not every day will we want to live life to the fullest.” But, “Once we say YES to the soul, . . . we get to choose the attitude of our journey.”

We are now settled into our new home in Spokane, Washington and enjoying the snow instead of the rain. My husband is successfully employed. My speaking career is taking off. And the boxes are slowly getting unpacked.

No matter what happens to you this year, remember to watch for your angels, have a strong vision, and, above all else, remember to laugh.


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